You can’t overcome anxiety you need to learn to live with it. There’s no bigger bullshit.

Living your life completely anxiety free?

Hahah I mean seriously? C’moooon what do you want that for? 🤣

Secret attachment to the stories and bs rationalizations why you can’t overcome it completely sounds like more fun!!

What do you want to overcome anxiety completely for? Pff that’s so boring better live a life partially free of anxiety and always remember anxiety must live with you remember it’s a part of you!

How do you call that, suffering?? C’moooon that’s fun!!

Your future can wait what do you want a free life for if you can have an anxiety-warrior-survivor-fighter-it’s a part of me-identity that’s much more fulfilling! 😍

Your family loves seeing you have fun! Your friends, partner, etc. they all love you seeing you have fun with bs rationalizations!

Learn the exact steps to finally overcom.. sorry how to have some fun bullshitting yourself so you make sure you never solve anxiety completely only partially (remember it’s a part of you!)