Why you struggle with your emotions + SOLUTIONS – Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

I’ve noticed MANY people (if not everyone) struggling with dissociation has a bad relationship with their EMOTIONS 😏

..and this bad relationship with their emotions either CAUSES or CONTRIBUTES to dissociation, overthinking, anxiety, overwhelm, etc. (and both)

Here’s how this “bad relationship” with your emotions is not just an abstract thing but how it’s practically costing you every day in your life, work, relationships and wellbeing:

❌ being more anxious and scared and panicky

❌ feeling more tense and overwhelmed

❌ feeling more dissociated

Now here are the specific mistakes you are making:

❌ expecting anxiety and fear to go away instead of FEELING them FULLY and releasing them

❌ expecting negative feelings to end as quickly as possible because they are so painful, not realizing that escaping from them is precisely what keeps them going

❌ adding extra layers of REACTIONS on top of the original feeling — for example feeling frustrated because you feel anxious, feeling angry because you shouldnt feel sad, feeling ashamed because you feel scared, etc..
This causes you to (1) bury the original feeling in the unconscious and its stuck energy that keeps circulating in your body trying to find its way out (2) focus on extra feelings that have nothing to do with the real feeling, and thus over time you lose sight of the real problem

❌ setting the goal to feel negative and intense feelings in the least amount possible trying to accelerate them, not realizing that by doing this you are repressing them and thus they are never released and keep being trapped in your body

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Here are the solutions to become a master of your feelings and feel calm, safe, present, connected:

✅ you want to feel all your feelings fully. No escaping. No half feeling. No preferences. No “this is right this is wrong”

✅ you want to be friends with your feelings, you want to invite them. No wars or fighting

✅ you want to feel the original feelings for what they are. The naked, original, authentic feeling without all of that extra reactions and mental layers

✅ you want to let feelings wander freely and pass through you. ANY form of resistance, dislike, frustration towards that feeling is ONLY going to make things worse

✅ you want to immerse yourself in the feeling. Let the feeling dominate you. Get lost in it. If you are scared you’re going to “lose control”, look how much control you’ve already lost by letting these feelings run your life in the form of anxiety, panic, overwhelm, dissociation, numbness

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist