Why this industry is fucked up & most gurus are ignorant or reductive and cannot help you (ops!)

This industry (anxiety but especially dissociation) is split in 5 categories: the well-meaning yet ignorant professionals who have no idea what dissociation even is and you know more than they do; academics who write research papers and statistics and scientific shit and it all makes sense in that abstract pre-formatted world but have never helped anyone in real life; teenagers that give advice and validation and have no idea what they’re talking about (but get views and likes); and people who have smoked weed once and have become coaches but have no idea what the subconscious even is and copy each other; and, once in a while, though rarely, you find information and someone that really gets you better than anyone else.

Welcome to reality! In this lesson you will learn what to do to help yourself finally get out of this. How to focus on solutions instead of problems. How focusing on problems will lead to more problems not something new.

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