I have to confess you one thing: There are few things i love more than proving people wrong when they push my buttons 😍

So here you have an email that symbolizes the ignorance of how much people are brainwashed to believe in the “old ways” of therapy

The guy, which symbolizes many people, is telling me two things: that my certification is a scam and that i shouldnt promise that i can heal people in 3 sessions.

Cool. Let’s begin.

Now, let me give you the REAL overview of the mental health/therapy industry so you can make the decision on your own:

Based on popular belief and mass thinking, it is NORMAL to:

✅ keep suffering for 1 year while you go to this therapist that tells you that it takes many months and years to see the first results

✅ pay a therapist per session and talking about your feelings and problems, how your week went and investigating in your childhood and digging in the past and not moving forward

✅ trusting and paying a therapist just because they’ve studied in a specific school for 10 years

✅ visiting the therapist website and not seeing a testimonial and never talking about results and transformations

✅ putting theories and what you’ve learned in school first

Instead, it is a SCAM to:

❌ putting peoples needs and goals first and focusing on what you want

❌ treating people as people not as fucking theories and labels

❌ showing proof, testimonials and success stories and results from real people

❌ wanting people to be free as soon as possible

❌ focusing on results and transformations

❌ help people be free as soon as possible and telling them and giving them all they need to heal and not withholding any ‘secret’

❌ trusting a therapist for the results they can create in you

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You see, it all boils down to the MODEL that this therapist is using

Let’s be honest: if the therapist makes money in a per session model, of course they are gonna dilute the therapy and then justify it and make you believe that “you see the mind needs time to heal” and “therapy must be slow” and shit like that

My students know that i charge per TRANSFORMATION and RESULTS not TIME and SESSIONS

If i can help you in 4 sessions, why the heck should i tell you to come next week to talk about your feelings?? 🤣😅

To keep all the secrets for myself and dilute the sessions so you pay me more?

If my goal is to help you and make you free, why the heck should i make you suffer more by making you come for months on end talking about your problems?

So you see, from this perspective, this industry is genuinely fucked up 😅

People want to heal but have these masochistic beliefs that therapy must take many months and years, that it must be slow, that therapy can never be rapid, that any rapid therapy is a scam and stuff like that

So let me ask you: What are you looking for? To nitpick the therapists certification? To investigate how many years someone studied and trying to guess how that is linked with you being free from dissociation/ anxiety/ problem? (hint: there’s no link)

Or to heal, to move on with your life, to be free, to have results, to see a difference, to feel confident, free, empowered, safe, liberated, achieve your goals?

What the heck do you want!!?? 🤣 Get clear on that first and refuse to be brainwashed and to believe stuff just because most people believe it’s true.

The popularity of a belief is not an indicator of how accurate it is. The number of years where someone has studied has NOTHING to do with how quickly and profoundly they can help you in practice.

There’s only ONE variable that has the last word: RESULTS. Who has results and proof, and who has opinions and is just skeptic and frustrated with their life — thats what you need to look at.

Time to evolve.
Dont be average.