Is dpdr an actual disorder? Or is it just an habit of thought? Or is it just created because you obsess over it and there’s a part of you that re-creates problems and anxiety even when you’re perfectly fine?

Well let me tell you, dpdr is a combination of all those things

You can get dpdr because of traumatic experiences (the classic explanation) +

you obsessing over the feelings and symptoms +

you’ve been avoiding your emotions for 10 years +

you’ve been repressing anxiety for years +

you prefer not to feel and you unconsciously want to dissociate because it’s more comfortable than feeling the uncomfortable and painful emotions (emotionally lazy and habits of avoiding your emotions) +

you hold conflicting beliefs about your identity and emotions (i want to be normal but when im normal im not accepted, i want to feel my emotions but emotions scare me, etc.)

βœ… Bottom line is: Dpdr is both a (1) self-created self-sustained condition, and an (2) ‘official’ disorder at the same time, whereby one feeds the other. Meaning that the obsessing feeds the ‘official’ symptoms, and the official symptoms trigger more obsessing, ruminating, etc. which feeds the symptoms and stresses you out even more

βœ… Dpdr is an hybrid between “legit defense mechanisms being activated to help you deal with trauma, high stress and anxiety, intense emotions, etc.” and “extra dysfunctional reactions such as obsessing, habits such as avoiding and controlling your emotions, etc.”.

βœ… In laymans terms, dpdr is an hybrid between a genuine and healthy protection mechanism that help us deal with high levels of pain, stress, emotions, anxiety PLUS all the extra reactions, thinking, obsessing, ruminating, fighting, controlling, conflicting beliefs about the nature of your identity and dysfunctional emotional habits that feed and contribute the initial symptoms/feelings, and even create them

How do i know this? Well just look at the current situation in this industry and domain:

❌ Some experts (usually coming from the academic world) rigidly treat dpdr as if it’s only a disorder, forgetting that people are actually FEEDING it and no matter how much progress they make, there is still that “unconscious engine” turned on and we are capable of RE-CREATING dpdr even when you dont have it (feeding it by keeping on repressing and mistreating your emotions because you “need control”, perfectionism, hiding your emotions, being addicted and familiar to chaos and negativity, etc.)

❌ And on the other side, some experts (usually who have experienced it) treat dpdr as if it’s just a mental thing that you create and that you just need to stop obsessing over, forgetting that there might be a genuine underlying anxiety, stress, unprocessed emotions, feeling unsafe that are there no matter how much and how frequently you “allow and accept” the feelings and symptoms on the surface

Ok we’re done with the theory.. now let’s talk about solutions

Below you find some specific videos that are going to help you heal: starting from how you feel your emotions, what you believe about yourself,

how emotions get repressed and accumulate creating anxieties, ,

experiences from me and my students and common mistakes to avoid and myths to debunk,
removing that extra reactivity from the feelings and symptoms such as thinking and obsessing, why you need so much control,

how the mind works and how it’s feeding all of this cycle and much more!

We’re going to tackle this from many angles and tremendously increase your success.

Many people learn more from my free videos and content than from paid courses. Funny isnt it 🀣

So let’s do this.. all the useful videos are below

And remember, if you’re ready to make this change, you’re tired of doing this on your own, and you want to be guided by an expert one to one, feel free to contact me πŸ˜ƒ

How you avoid emotions and how you’re adding extra layers of reactivity on top of the initial emotions, and how this leads to extra anxiety and suffering
Here’s how conflicting beliefs about your identity (i want to be normal but when im normal im not accepted, i want to feel my emotions but emotions scare me, etc.) create the perfect setup for dpdr, bouncing back and forth between “wanting to be normal” and “normal is not possible/ it’s dangerous/ bad/ gets me in trouble”
Here’s what to do instead of fighting dpdr
Here’s how you are unconsciously avoiding and editing your emotions and how this contributes to feeling numb, detached from your emotions, not yourself and how to stop by mastering these unconscious mechanisms
Discover the REAL reason why you overthink and how to stopΒ 
Here’s other ways how you’re avoiding your emotions and how this causes you to be less spontaneous, faking your emotions, being dishonest about the way you feel, and how to stop
How you are avoiding reality, how your mind is strategically distracting you and how this leads to feeling more dissociated from yourself
This is literally step by step how you’re avoiding your emotions and your mind is making you THINK instead of FEELING – and how this leads to being more up in your head instead in your body. This is literally the engineering of your emotions and the unconscious processes that dissociation is made out of

Giuseppe Tavella, DPDR & Dissociation Specialist