Where Overthinking Stems From? Why Do I Keep Overthinking? by Giuseppe Tavella [FINALLY REVEALED]

Why do you keep overthinking?

In today’s video I want to share with you the specific reasons why we keep overthinking, being up in our head, being entangled in endless thoughts and feeling detached from our body.

When we don’t want to “feel limited feeling the painful feelings in the body” what is the only option left?

When you feel powerless and you hate feeling powerless, when you feel hurt and you dont want to feel hurt — what is the only option left? To take refuge in your head. 😯

In your head you can invent stories, modify feelings, hypothesize, predict and analyze scenarios, remember only what you want to remember and leaving out the rest.

You don’t have to feel! You can keep yourself mentally busy by thinking, there’s no need to feel!

It seems fun at first, but soon we start to suffer because we carry these habits with us for the rest of our life when most of the time we just don’t need them. 🤔

So if you’ve been having dissociation and overthinking for years, highly likely you are here because you want to let go of these benefits not keep them.

Time to change and to stop the excuses.

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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