Where Overthinking Stems From – preview of Mind Engineering

Just made a brand new video on how to ‘stop’ overthinking and anxiety 💯

I’m going to explain you the engineering of the mind, how it works and what is the REAL problem (it’s not thoughts, it’s not anxiety, it’s not what you think you should fix and what you think you should solve and what you think you should overcome and all theories you’ve read and coping techniques you know)

My promise is that by the end of the video (I should say, documentary since it’s 43 min 🤣) you will have an extremely precise view of how your mind works, why when what how you overthink and get anxious, an extremely precise direction on what to do and what to ‘solve’ and the next steps to take

As always I’m going to give you everything I’ve got 👌

I’m going to publish it in the following weeks – stay tuned 🥰

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