Where Overthinking Stems From & How Overthinking Works – MIND ENGINEERING [UNIQUE]

Overthinking, fears, anxieties and often dissociation itself, they have one thing in common: It’s just different forms of thinking with varying degrees of complexity and depending on the intensity of the emotional content and attachment, one looks and feels more ‘real’ than the other and therefore more believable and seductive,

therefore more prone to internal exploration resulting in the exclamation “I can’t stop thinking/ obsessing/ anxiety” and other similar byproducts of being hypnotized by one’s mind – which is nothing but the conflict between that secret curiosity of exploring thoughts and at the same time not wanting to explore them. 😅

Since this is so important and a central topic, I might as well tell you what the heck is thinking and why/ how/ when/ what we think in the first place. Upon investigation, what we call thinking (more precisely, the useless thinking) is mostly one of these things:

(1) Fixing mistakes and the world and correcting people’s behavior
(2) Being right, proving oneself, mentally arguing and defending one’s position
(3) Predicting and preparing the ‘meeting’ with uncomfortable emotions and unexpected change
(4) Impressing and mask building
(5) Fighting injustices and saving the world and people and fighting for “the right cause”.

I’m going to teach you the REAL reason why human beings think and overthink (literally). You are going to learn that in reality the real problem is not overthinking or anxiety, it’s always some kind of insecurity, inflexibility, ambiguous and conflicting parts of you, uncomfortable and vulnerable feelings –

and when you stay grounded in that “truth space” within you, the overthinking and anxiety and all these redundant protections and reactions magically disappear. 💯

This is going to give you an extremely precise direction on what to do to ‘solve’ overthinking, anxiety, dissociation and finally find the peace, freedom of mind and emotional wellbeing you are looking for.

If you are just looking for shortcuts or to feel validated, or you think I’m gonna tell you what you want to hear and I’m gonna make you happy and confirm what you already know, then what’s the point of even learning and evolving?

If that’s the case please don’t watch this because not only am I going to bore you as fuck, but you’ll probably reconsider some of your positions, beliefs, life choices, etc. you’ve held so far and it’s not gonna be comfortable. This is next level mind engineering. 🧠

To your freedom!

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