Where Does Anxiety Come From In The Brain? How FIGHTING To Be Calm Creates Anxiety [2020]

This is how many people with anxiety (and dissociation) live their mental life: When they feel anxious they fight anxiety to be calm, and when they feel calm they believe they need to ‘protect’ it from anxiety and other negative feelings so they start avoiding situations that would trigger anxiety and predicting when anxiety is going to show up next so they can have it “under control”. 😅

Nowhere is safe. When feeling anxious you’re telling your brain “fight anxiety to be calm” (which makes you anxious) and when calm “defend calmness from anxiety” (which makes you anxious). Beautiful cage you’ve built isn’t it? And where is that peace and calmness you want so bad?

It’s a mirage, the more you try to grab it the more it slips out of your hands. So let me ask you: Are you fighting to stay calm? Fighting to have mental and emotional peace? Do you really believe that you need to have anxiety under control? Let me tell you, that IS precisely what creates anxiety not its solution! 😏

There’s no such thing as “fighting to be calm”. The very moment you start fighting to be calm you have AUTOMATICALLY lost no matter what you do and how hard you try and what is your goal and how bad you want to feel calm.

Fighting to be calm, along with believing you need control, expecting how you should feel and predicting, wanting to change how you feel, ‘defending’ calmness from anxiety – these are the real reasons why you have chronic anxiety.

There’s no point in learning fancy techniques if you keep making these basic mistakes, that’s why I’ve made this video for you, so you can master yourself not coping and superficial techniques that give you temporary relief but the real problem remains untouched.

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