WHERE Do Fears Stem From? How Fears DEVELOP & HOW Fears Work [DEEP] by Therapist Giuseppe Tavella

One of the biggest illusions people believe in is that fears and negative thoughts are controlling them. 😅

It’s an illusion because you don’t see how much YOU are UNAWARELY participating in this negativity and you’re not taking responsibility for it.

Hard to hear I know, but the moment when you take responsibility that you do WANT to explore the negative, is the moment where you’re going to be free of it! So, where do fears stem from?

In this video I’m going to explain how fears work and how fears develop when it comes to achieving your goals, and how to be free of them. This is the deeper reality within yourself that you’re probably unaware of.

And no, this is not one of the usual videos you’re used to watch about personal improvement. Let’s shed some light on this darkness! To your success 🎉

And let me know what you liked and appreciated the most so i can more videos based on your feedback 

To your success,
Giuseppe Tavella, Dissociation Specialist

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