What you’ve lost was never your real self! Stop obsessing & solve the real problem [dpdr expert]

“I’ve lost myself how can I get it back? How can I go back to normal? I wish I could be my old self how can I get there?”. See that? That has nothing to do with the real problem.

Fortunately you’ve lost ‘yourself’ because that was never your real self to begin with, and now you can finally learn and discover who you really are. That wasn’t real happiness, that was a way to hide your real emotions and put on a happy mask so the world wouldn’t see how you actually felt. That wasn’t real confidence, that was pleasing and impressing and proving. And so on and so forth with what you thought was ‘myself’.

The only waste of time really is not in what you’ve ‘lost’, but in the useless obsessions in trying to get back what was never yours in the first place, and what got you here. Let go of symptom fixing. Solve the real problem. That’s it. Learn how.