What Is Overthinking A Sign Of? Where Overthinking Stems From & How Overthinking Works -RARE CONTENT

The popular belief “everything happens for a reason” is just one example of how the mind always comes up with smart excuses and explanations that “make sense” logically, but when you look at what is beneath them, you see that it’s just another mechanism to protect us from: The fear of unknown.

When you see this fear for what it is, and you stop adding layers of logic on top of it just to avoid it and overthinking as a consequence of that, overthinking magically disappears.

There’s nothing to overcome or remove; There’s a lot to understand in you. In this video I help you understand where overthinking stems from and how overthinking works. 🤩

Keep a (very) open mind, you’re going to be surprised by the depths we’re going to explore in your being. Enjoy!

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