Sometimes I like to learn about history, geology, biology, mankind origins, anthropology and similar topics and explore other areas and fields outside my area of expertise (you know mind, emotions, subconscious, intuition, therapy, etc.)

and every time i reflect on the smallness and fragility of human life

In geological times, a human life is like a blink of an eye (you can barely see the ENTIRE human evolution in the chart, let alone one human life)

We have so many problems in life that stem from “not having enough control” — anxiety, fears, dissociation, controlling emotions, controlling thoughts, controlling this controlling that
Learning about Earth, history and these different topics has made me realize how small i am and how much i dont have control

It’s so fascinating to understand this illusion of control that we build in our minds that creates so many problems

It’s really incredible how human beings can literally build their own prison and then free themselves from it, only to realize, looking back, that that control was just a wonderful illusion built in their minds

We can barely change our emotions because they are instinctive and automatic, we cant change our instincts, we cant change the weather, we cant change MOST things in life — yet we believe we ‘have’ control and then feel anxious/scared when we ‘lose’ this control

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More than scared, this understanding makes me humble and more appreciative and indirectly teaches me a lot about what i do have control over:

It’s the control of what i do no matter what happens to me. It’s the control of adapting. It’s the control of choice. It’s the control of taking action no matter what.

Thats the ONLY control we have and the only solid place where to put your trust in.

If you believe you can control people, what they think, how the world works, every single emotion and thought you have — you’ve AUTOMATICALLY set yourself up for failure no matter how much you believe you have control

So i’ve learned to let go of control every time i sense an internal contraction. For example? Assumptions, beliefs, emotions, thoughts, people etc.

Any rigid piece of knowledge i hold inside, assumptions, holding on to something and not wanting to let it go, thinking i know the meaning of this situation happened, conclusions that i’ve drawn..

i’ve learned to surrender and release control and refuse to hold on to it. You believe it yes, but you’re not ATTACHED and affectionate it (very different)

And something very interesting happens.. the more i let go of control in the form of what i think i know, what i believe, what i want to control.. and the more i EXPAND myself, the more i know, the more i feel better!!

True control is knowing WHEN to release control

Just a personal reflection

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist