The DNA dissociation is made out of 🧬

Wrapping a thinking layer on top of your feelings..

Trying to intercept your feelings and assessing them before you actually feel them in case they are “too much” or “too painful” or “inappropriate”..

Feeling but immediately protecting that feeling by adding the explanation of “why” you feel that way or attaching a reaction to this feeling in case people hurt you..

Searching for explanations to add on top of your feelings and giving yourself the permission to feel only when you know “why” or only after you know how to explain it or verbalize it (conditional feeling)..

See, while all of that might sound abstract and too weird to be true, if you have dissociation i can almost guarantee you that you’re doing most of those things in a way or another 😏

All of those layers of second guessing your emotions, assessing them before you feel them, attaching a reaction to them to protect yourself in case this feeling gets hurt, being more focused on the explanation and articulation of the feeling instead of the pure instinctual feeling itself, etc.

This is the DNA that dissociation is made out of 🧬

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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