Symptoms are not the real problem – stop fixing symptoms & just solve the REAL SUBCONSCIOUS problem!

That list.. 😏

You are very familiar with it aren’t you

It makes sense, it clearly represents how you feel right

Which must mean it’s the real problem and you have to fix that right

Yet, that list has nothing to do with the real problem = it means no matter how hard you try to fix symptoms you’re not solving anything, or you will temporarily fix but will come back = stuck, setbacks, getting nowhere if not worse 😮

It has nothing to do with why these symptoms are here in the first place

So let me give you some examples one of the “weirdest and most irrational” (but the REAL) reasons why people subconsciously have, create and keep anxiety and dissociation symptoms:

• being sick is the only way to have attention, be taken care of, be heard, have space, have love

• I don’t want to be abandoned I better keep neglecting myself it’s the only way people will stay with me and I will ‘distribute’ my feelings with them which means I won’t have to feel feelings on my own

• fear of losing control, losing control means being laughed at, criticized, ashamed

• if you own your feelings it means they could be attacked and hurt and that’s too personal and painful, better to say it’s “the anxiety” that is making me feel weird at least it’s not my fault I can just blame it all on the anxiety, or to dissociate from the whole thing and blame the symptom for not “making me feel”

• I’m not capable of feeling on my own it feels alone and if I’m too independent people won’t like me

• feeling my real feelings is wrong I better stuff them down = anxiety, stress & overwhelm

• losing control means danger I must control my feelings = anxiety, stress & overwhelm

• by letting people influence my thinking I’m giving them my power which means I’m connecting with them I can’t be my own person I need to depend on them because who I am is not good enough

Now.. what does this subconscious irrational stuff have to do with symptoms?

There’s no direct link right?

These are just examples and your situation will definitely have nuances and differences but you get the point, that is the REAL reason why have create keep symptoms

Do yourself a favor.
Stop fixing symptoms.
Educate yourself on what is or could be the real problem.
Invest in yourself and in an expert that really gets you.
Solve the real problem.
Enjoy your new life.
That’s it.

Let me help you with this give you some direction and see if we would be a good fit with a free discovery call (only a few spots a month)

You know how much value I give and how much and quickly I can change your life.
Seriously do yourself a favor stop wasting time doing this on your own and yes I will say it so directly just work with me I will get you out of this mess 💪

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