Success story – how Jill feels confident & calm in her career & dating in 1 session (no pleasing!)

Jill is a very intelligent and strong woman. She is very sensitive, empathetic and loves to help people.

The main problems she was experiencing she felt stuck in a loop of unhealthy relationships, picking emotionally unavailable men knowing deep down she felt she deserved better but just couldn’t let them go, people pleasing, anxiety for being herself, second guessing, feeling indecisive about important career decisions and life direction. 😮

This was keeping her stuck in a loop she describes it’s as if everywhere you go you step on crap and there’s no way out. It was hard to move forward, to make actual progress, to be focused, to know what I really want and go for it.

Fast forward in 1 session we’ve taken care of all that. She feels she can be herself, she doesn’t second guess herself anymore, she feels much more confident and calm and real, she has the freedom to say what she wants, declines relationships/ dates/ men/ that ‘look’ good but really they are not, and she knows there’s no way in the world she’ll go back and be the person she was. What a better place to be! 😎
What she loved the most was how unique the experience has been and the massive impact in her life, relationships and career, so quickly.

Jill’s #1 piece of advice: when you think “this time I’ve got it I know what’s the problem!” no you don’t. Something else will pop up and never ends and here you are stuck in the same place. Stop thinking your way out you will not figure it out. Work on the emotions that underlie the problem with someone that is confident in what they’re doing!