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BEFORE: for 10 years she had been struggling with anxiety, dissociation, panic attacks, her emotional and mental health was not allowing her to live a happy and fulfilling life. Her relationships, career, goals, daily work, family, her life as a mum, were all affected by long-standing and chronic feelings of anxiety, sadness, dissociation, overthinking and much more.

AFTER: she feel so much better, she's out there conquering her life, changed job, doubled salary, bought a new car, asks for she wants, opens up, much more confident, enjoys her family and new more empowering relationships, present in conversations - all things that she found so hard if not impossible before "now it's a whole new experience of life"

BEFORE: very high anxiety and social anxiety, self-isolating, self-doubt, hard to make friends and socialize, fear of being herself, fear of rejection/ abandonment, dissociation, worrying

AFTER: feeling solid in herself, connected, grounded, present, socialize so much more, much more confident, going for what she wants, clear-headed and empowered, so much calmer

BEFORE: very high anxiety, intrusive and existential thoughts, dissociation, emotional instability, self-doubt, overthinking, fears

AFTER: feeling safe, present and grounded, calm, having clarity in goals, feeling confident, happier, no more negative voice, confidence

BEFORE: long-standing trauma, anxiety, dissociation and cptsd symptoms. Stage fright. "Tried everything been everywhere". Been to several experts, teachers and doctors but no one was offering permanent relief

AFTER: in 2 high impact sessions and with the brand new transformational program Healing Accelerator she now feels much more confident in her career, putting herself out there and public speaking is a pleasure, living life with a renewed sense of serenity, trust, connection, joy and depth

BEFORE: years of anxiety, social anxiety, fatigue and dissociation symptoms. This was affecting her work, confidence, productivity, relationships, moving forward in life. She didn’t feel motivated to achieve her goals, and sometimes symptoms were so extreme it was hard to get out of bed

AFTER: she feels so much more motivated, alive, focused, productive, confident and connected in herself. What she loved the most was how much she felt supported and how simple and funny the whole process has been (despite the seriousness of problems & symptoms).

BEFORE: anxiety, health anxiety, perfectionism, self-doubt, dissociation, she didn't value herself enough and this was keeping her stuck.

AFTER: she feels so much happier, connected with herself, so much calmer and socializing and connecting with people feels so easy and real! She feels a better mum, she gets much more stuff done and is conquering her goals! Symptoms free and enjoying her life.


BEFORE: self-doubt, fears of people, dissociation, procrastination, overthinking, negative thoughts

AFTER: feeling safe, present and grounded, calm, having clarity in goals, feeling confident, happier, no more negative voice, confidence


BEFORE: he had strong feelings of anxiety, self-doubt and dissociation that were getting in the way of his happiness and goals, people pleasing and not feeling authentic

AFTER: thanks to our work he went from feeling very anxious, panic attacks, overthinking and dissociation, to being able to handle life with confidence, much calmer grounded and more joy, connecting and being present with his family and friends, getting to know himself and having much more focus and clarity in his goals and looking forward to the future and challenges

BEFORE: she felt stuck in a loop of unhealthy relationships, picking emotionally unavailable men knowing deep down she felt she deserved better but just couldn’t let them go, people pleasing, anxiety for being herself, second guessing, feeling indecisive about important career decisions and life direction. It’s as if everywhere you go you step on crap and there’s no way out

AFTER: she feels she can be herself, she doesn’t second guess herself anymore, she feels much more confident and calm and real, she has the freedom to say what she wants, declines relationships/ dates/ men/ that ‘look’ good but really they are not


BEFORE: chronic anxiety and dissociation, stuck in abusive narcissistic marriage, social anxiety, obsessing on research and symptoms

AFTER: much more confident, proactive, present, happy, real, grounded, free from unhealthy relationships, no more obsessing, excited about future, focused, feeling respected, ready for new people and social circle


BEFORE: she didn't feel like she was being herself fully and it wasn't safe to be herself, had some social anxiety, fear of rejection and disappointment, feeling guilty for feeling happy, not feeling good enough and more

AFTER: in 1 session we've taken care of all of that and now she feels great, she feels much more connected to herself and grounded, relieved and empowered and her family has immediately noticed her transformation!


BEFORE: intense overthinking, feeling detached, existential rumination, obsessing, dpdr

AFTER: free of overthinking, calm, present, happier, focused, empowered, feeling real and himself


BEFORE: intense overthinking and constant racing thoughts, chronic dpdr, anxiety, traumas, many dpdr symptoms such as unreality and feeling detached

AFTER: head pressure gone, unreality symptom gone, clarity in mind, confident, assertive, calm, safe, great nights sleep, loving herself, expressing her feelings, standing up for herself, clearer relationships and boundaries


BEFORE: paralyzing fear/ mental block, anxiety, procrastination, feeling stuck in his business

AFTER: feeling much more confident, powerful, decisive, consistent, going for what he wants


BEFORE: feeling numb/detached from her emotions, low self-esteem, criticizing herself, feeling empty lost and confused, depression, anger issues

AFTER: feeling much more empathetic, having a clear direction in life and motivated to achieve her goals, deeper and more fulfilling relationships, started dating again, feeling way more patient and calm, feeling lighter and more energetic


BEFORE: brain fog, dreamy/unreality feeling, disconnected from emotions, guilt for being happy

AFTER: being focused, energetic, motivated, excited, feeling emotions, being present, feeling connected, feeling himself, feeling real


BEFORE: she felt stuck, doubting herself and anxious. Attracting the wrong people, getting stuck in unhealthy relationships, procrastinating her business decisions and actions, and beating herself up for all of it

AFTER: in 1 session now she can express herself much more freely and authentically, she has no anxiety in relationships and in her career goals, she trusts herself and her intuition which is allowing her to make much better decisions thus attracting more healthy people that honor and respect her, overall she feels so much more calmer and confident and she's going for what she wants without second guessing, she is so much happier and freer to experience life to the fullest and you can tell she loves it! She now feels good about both relationships and career are much more aligned with she really wants


BEFORE: social anxiety, strong overthinking, 24/7 dissociation, brain fog, disconnected from himself, belief I don't feel enough and there's something wrong with me

AFTER: connected to planet Earth, connected to himself, feeling real emotions, much more confident in social situations, way calmer and present


BEFORE: feeling very disconnected, numb, dissociated, unreal, self-doubt, overthinking, social anxiety, no going outside, unsolved traumas & past. Had this for many years since childhood

AFTER: feeling very connected, real, present, joyful, calm, going outside, social blocks pulverized and confident, past traumas & problems gone, conquer your life & goals


BEFORE: strong emotional numbness, depression, suicidal thoughts, dissociation, dysfunctional relationships, traumas

AFTER: empowered, loving life, no more negative voice, standing up for herself, healthier relationships, respected, way more energetic and calm


BEFORE: she had blocks and fears around taking action, being more consistent and believing in herself. Was putting people first and didn't believe in her skills and experience, couldn't make the change to put her business and personal goals first

AFTER: she feels more confident, focused, determined, calmer, believing in herself and in her skills which is allowing her to create the life and business that she wants and we did all of this in 1 session



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