Some practical tips on how to “remove” anxiety, overthinking and dissociation

Some practical tips on how to “remove” anxiety, overthinking and dissociation:

✅ Trying to stop thinking IS thinking
✅ Resisting to stress IS stress
✅ Being anxious because you cant stop anxiety IS anxiety
✅ Panicking because you cant stop panicking IS panic
✅ Forcing to calm yourself down and stressing yourself out because anxiety is not leaving IS anxiety and stress

You see, any reaction, explanation, finding the meaning, reacting with frustration, reacting with anger – you’re escaping from the ORIGINAL emotion and REACTING to the original emotion or trying to EXPLAIN it or AVOID it

You are not leaving yourself in peace. You are not trusting that the anxiety WILL reduce and even completely go away (depending on what ‘breed’ anxiety we’re talking about)

if you just let it be there and you dont constantly add extra reactions, yes but’s, what if’s, explaining, frustration, panic, expectations, controlling how you should feel and how you want to feel on top of it!!!

We want to escape the emotional storm, the shitty and uncomfortable feelings, the negative feelings in the moment by going in our mind and finding some kind of security, some explanation and secretly hoping that if you had an explanation then you’d feel better (safety in explanations), discovering the why we feel the way we feel, by reacting with extra emotions,

by hating the way we’re feeling, by reacting with extra anxiety, by regretting the mistakes we’ve done and fantasizing and mentally replaying what what we should have done and fantasizing about it, by finding solutions on how we can “make anxiety go away faster”, etc

You see, this is the paradox. Trying to accelerate the process of making anxiety go away IS anxiety itself. I hope you’re seeing how this really works now, that trying to make anxiety go away is anxiety itself – and that in the same way that you dont put out a fire by pouring more gasoline on top of it – you cant “remove” anxiety by adding more anxiety on top of the anxiety that is already there

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So the solution is, you want to be “emotionally smart”.

How? What does it mean?

By acknowledging and feeling the “original emotion” and refuse the extra reactions, explanations, doubting, thinking layers that get automatically added on top of that original emotion

You dont imagine how simple things become when you just feel whatever you’re feeling and leave it there, leave it untouched, free from explanations, free from finding its meaning, free from what does it mean i dont understand what it means, free from extra unnecessary reactions

Yes, anxiety WILL reduce and even go away completely WHEN you stop trying to fix it, change it, alter it, explain it, reacting to it, believing that you have always to be well and perfect, believing that negative feelings must be avoided, etc.