Smart but stuck? Logic doesn’t change emotions. Stop fixing logical objects & solve EMOTIONS [RARE]

I’m so smart why can’t figure this out? Why? Why can’t I just get rid of it? Whhyyyyy?

This is the thing. The smarter you are, the deeper you are sinking yourself in the black hole. Anxiety, how to solve anxiety etc. – this has very little to do with how smart and logical you are. Emotions are not math equations you don’t “solve” them.

The anxiety you have and symptoms you’re experiencing have subconscious roots. The subconscious works with associations, emotions, it’s creative, it’s your “automatic/ default/ back of your mind”.

You will not solve that with your logic and smartness no matter how hard you try. Just as you never set out to have anxiety, you will not solve anxiety by solving anxiety. Because that was never the problem in the first place.

The solution is so simple, you “just” need to know where and what you’re looking for. And then you “just” need to know how to solve it. Easy right?

If you want to be proud of yourself that you’ve solved on your own in years and you’ve wasted relationships and opportunities figuring out something that you could solved in hours with the expert, please don’t watch this