[REFLECTIONS] Comical story of most “self-help” groups

Comical story of most “self-help” groups

You want to complain?

Go ahead you are welcome. Unload your shit in the group. Symptom coping and fixing and useless stories of the past regurgitated in a soup of unnecessary suffering where people compete for who’s got the worst symptoms and secret competitions for who’s the smartest at explaining things but is still stuck

You want to help people by giving them a real solution so they can move on with their life by giving them PRACTICAL step by step instructions and you want them to be free and happy?

No sorry you are spam they block you you’re just trying to make money by preying on innocent people

Moral. Get your ass off and stop with this nonsense.

I’ve got more free content (110+ hours) than all your gurus put together

Get to work and stop these stories. Stop saying bs and take action.