If you haven’t already, you MUST remove yourself from all those self-help groups

It’s not an if it’s a MUST

There’s no point trying to get better and then polluting your head with all that pseudo-scientific victim validating crap

You don’t need validation

You don’t need to feel less alone

You don’t need to reassure yourself

You don’t need interesting but useless theories

You don’t need to talk about and fix symptoms

You don’t need 99% of the things these groups and forums offer

What you need is to solve the REAL subconscious problem.

What you need is a human being that wants the best for you and knows what he’s doing with a proven method and guides you in this journey

If you don’t know what I’m talking about I have hundreds of video documentaries and success stories on my youtube channel go and check those out

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve tried to offer concrete help and SOLUTIONS to these people and 95% of the time I’ve been met with so much negativity

Bottom line is, remove yourself from those groups. That’s for victims and negative people and you are not that

Anxiety and dissociation are 100% solvable. If you tell me I’m wrong or that you know better, then show me your proof.

Show me how many people you’ve helped. Show me your results.

Learn from people who can show you real proof not better words