QUESTION: “I’m struggling with deciphering which thoughts are unhelpful and anxious and which ones are just healthy simple thoughts”

❓ YOUR QUESTION: “what I’m struggling with is trying to decipher which thoughts are unhelpful and anxious and which ones are just healthy simple thoughts.

Whenever I think about existence, the past, how much brain fog I have, etc. I know those are unhealthy and I no longer follow them. But I still hear my inner dialogue in my head for normal things, I don’t know if I should disregard that too even if it’s not talking about anxious things”

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✅ MY ANSWER: “Let me explain you what the mind does.
The mind constantly presents UNPROCESSED situations, conversations, emotions, question marks, gray areas, anything that doesnt have a clear answer, explanation, conclusion, cause, reason, why,

and it constantly presents them to your awareness for “further processing”. Thats just what the mind does and it’s its normal behavior. The mind’s job is to constantly format the world in such a way that “it makes sense” so that you dont have to live your life not knowing things.

The inner dialogue for normal things — it’s as if your mind is telling you “hey i’m simplifying the world for you. You label everything. You format everything in words and coherent explanations so that you dont have to remain without answers”.

What you need to do here is to set the intention that you do NOT want clear explanations, conclusions, answers, justifications etc.

You want to remain with unprocessed, undefined, unclear explanations about the world. Thats what you want. You cut the thoughts in half and you dont give them the time to form; you just cut them while they are still small.

Also one factor that we often forget is the momentum of habit. Meaning that one thing is that you’ve been using this internal chatter for a month, another thing is 10 years.
It’s possible to significantly reduce both but just remember that for the latter it may take more time and conscious effort to retrain your mind to follow the right direction.

If this advice works for you, great. However be aware that there might be more emotional and subconscious causes to this internal dialogue. But if this advice works for you, thats great!”

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist