Obsessing over problems and symptoms? You need to strengthen yourself FIRST!

If you hold inside a belief that you’re not safe and that the environment or people around you threaten you in some way, our mind can (literally) create physical and emotional symptoms(dissociation, detachment, numbness, etc.) that

strengthen that fear and belief you were already holding inside, so that now when you have these symptoms you are even more justified and believe even more why thats really true!

The problem is that we fight the problem as if thats the problem, but the problem you’re fighting is not the real problem! 😂

The problem and symptoms are just helping you see those parts of yourself you need to strengthen that you were neglecting before.

So dont fight the problem and the symptoms.

Instead, focus on strengthening those “weak parts” in you that the problem is protecting.Feeling numb can cover fear of intimacy.

Dissociation can be an excuse to avoid the responsibilities of life.Brain fog can be an excuse to avoid the fear of failing in your goals and the reason why you are justified and the reason you dont give your best and underperform.

Overthinking can be an intellectual distraction to blame as the reason why you cant focus, but in reality it’s because you dont want to focus because you want to avoid another fear.

So seriously, stop saying that “dissociation/overthinking/anxiety is the reason why i cant achieve goal/have relationship/get better/improve in my life” and own your responsibilites and choices of how much you’re CONTRIBUTING precisely to the problem you want to get rid of

This is what we discover and what i help my students discover every day

My motto is “grow without protections. You are much stronger and powerful than you think”

To your success 🙂

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist


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