❌ no defined result
❌ do sessions just because it’s monday and it’s “therapy day”
❌ focus on explaining you “rational things” that dont touch the real deep problem
❌ focus on getting rid of the problem, taking for granted that you want to get rid of it
❌ explain your symptoms, try to accept them, do some meditation, learn how your brain works
❌ very average and superficial support, if at all
❌ expected results: mostly undefined

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βœ… define what results you want
βœ… do sessions only when necessary and when there’s an actual block or defined outcome you want to achieve
βœ… focus on results, improvements and progress
βœ… focus on why you are not wanting to let go of the problem, taking for granted that you want to solve it but you want to hang on to it and keep it at the same time
βœ… go at the root of the problem like a laser, straight to the point
βœ… you can see tangible improvements in days and a full transformation in weeks or a few months by applying a few actions a day every day
βœ… endless and fast support a message away until you are as independent as possible and you have all the tools you need to move forward on your own. “Im with you till the end” is my motto
βœ… expected results: feeling present, grounded, safe, calm, empowered, confident, relaxed, light, clarity
Dont believe me? Ask my students !! πŸ’―

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist