Congratulations. Your googling ends here.
Now let me show you the root of your problem so you can solve this for good..

You are smart, have a lot of knowledge and very active in solving this.. how frustrating that you still haven't figured this out?

You are here because you're looking for a permanent solution so you can

✅ finally feel calm and enjoy life

✅ feel present and connected with the people you love

✅ create meaningful relationships

✅ conquer your life and goals and advance in your career

✅ love waking up ready to conquer your day

✅ avoid setbacks and have the confidence you're done with this



❌ sleepless nights trying to figure this out

❌ making the same mistakes and putting your loved ones in this unstable and stuck situation

❌ feeling powerless that you can't be there for the people you love

❌recurrent setbacks and mistakes that ruin your happiest moments that you don't know what to do

❌ no more feeling you are stuck, hopeless or frustrated

This solution has a name:
Mind Engineering


✅ evolve from symptom fixing to mental health mastery so you have the confidence you'll never put yourself and your loved ones in this unstable and stuck situation

✅ learn top mindset and strategies from my most successful students who after decades are now enjoying the life they deserve symptoms free

✅ how hundreds of people before you have already applied this and how it's changing their life and what they're doing that you're not

✅ how my intelligent and educated students have finally mastered this and their loved ones are proud of them by getting to the root of the problem

✅ avoid painful setbacks, unaware mistakes and years in therapy that will cost you thousands by focusing on a few things that make all the difference

✅ no matter how much you know, it's an original way unlike anything you've experienced before (words from my students who have been in therapy for years)


(hundreds more for my content & one to one work)


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I'm Giuseppe Tavella (Joseph my english name) I'm from Italy. If you don't know me you should definitely know me, I'm smart, brilliant and I've also achieved..

Blah blah enough for the ego today let's get to the point how can I help you. People come to me because after trying all the traditional help out there and nothing really helped them out. In the past year my work has been growing to be the solid point of reference for anyone who wants to get to the bottom of this and conquer their mental health for good.

I've been in this industry for 10 years and it's pretty much my life. Let me save you some of that work. My loyal students and followers who have pushed me to create something like Mind Engineering, share how much this information is original and effective and what they've been looking for after years. Join the revolution. It's your turn to experience the effectiveness of what they're talking about..

What is Mind Engineering?
And how much value it brings in your life..

✅ a precise solution to your most common problems so instead of worries in the back of your mind, you have clarity (value $297)

✅ no more googling and youtubing, enjoy better sleep and productivity by focusing on simple principles and stop worrying about what to do (value $297)

✅ finally answer the most common doubts that keep ruminating in your head every day and enjoy a better quality of life stress free and with direction (value $197)

✅ stop making the same mistakes and setbacks and finally feel you have control over your mental health and you can promise your loved ones you're done with this (value $397)

✅ get laser clarity on what really matters, simplify your recovery, focus what really works with actionable and precise steps (value $197)

✅ innovative ways that "just makes sense" and result-focused so you feel confident you are on the right track (value $197)

✅ BONUS: most important teachings about your mind that I've learned in the last 10 years (value $97)


If you are very active in solving this, you are open-minded and do the work, it makes a lot of sense this is the right fit for you.

If you are lazy and expect the magic pill, it makes a lot of sense this is definitely not for you.

No matter how much you've been struggling with anxiety and dissociation and for how long, it will give you new and useful solutions proven to work.


While most information is interesting theories, Mind Engineering gives you a precise direction and actionable steps.

It brings clarity and structure to your (for now) chaotic mind.

It's very practical and contains only what you need to create breakthroughs - no theories, no coping, no list of symptoms, no motivational bs, no fight/flight explanations etc.

Only what's proven to work and what actually gets you results.

Not having Mind Engineering means feeling stuck every day not knowing what to do, having constant setbacks, procrastinating your goals and people you love suffer

Let's meet at the table and let's talk numbers. So what's the investment?
Let's do some math.

get precise direction =
avoid setbacks = $2997
specific solutions =
avoid years of therapy = $1997
avoid years googling = 500 hours
expert tips from top expert = $497

With Mind Engineering you save: $6997 and 1000 hours

I'm very generous and I want this information to be in the hands of as many people as possible
So it's not $6997
Not $99

Get Mind Engineering today for just €17

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