Hi there, Giuseppe Tavella here, and even if you think you have better things to do and that you already know this, you need to stop whatever you’re doing and focus here and keep reading till the END because this SOLUTION I’ve created for you is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for..

and because I’m not here to waste your time and money with bs and the same average “it’s just anxiety” “it’s just fight or flight” “just accept it” advice. It’s going to be quick and straight to the point, you’ll learn new things and you’ll have the specific tools you need to free yourself, and you’ll enjoy it. Then you’re going to buy the ebook I’ve created for you and you’ll enjoy it even more, and you’ll look back and thank yourself for reading this page till the end for reasons you’re going to find out in the following words.

So if you’ve been following me for any length of time you know how much work, precision, value and consistency you can find in my free content, especially my videos, and I don’t need to introduce myself because you already know how I stand out from most gurus in this industry, and you already know the impact I’ve made in this industry and in people’s lives – more specifically, with people that DO the work and FOLLOW the process.

If you’d like to know more about me, I’m a coach and therapist from Italy and I’ve spent my whole life decoding the mind. This is my life, talent, career, mission, vision. So the solution you’re looking for, is my normal and baseline talent. I’ve helped many people who have applied pretty much every solution you can think of (proof is in the testimonials and interviews, from the students that have actually followed the process and did the work not the ones that invent excuses). But before working with me, my students couldn’t solve the problem (anxiety, dissociation, symptoms, etc.) because that wasn’t even the real problem in the first place. Then they found me and in a few hours of therapy, problem gone. Yeah I know it sounds crazy.

So I’ve decided to create an ebook where I’ve packed some of my best knowledge about the mind and how anxiety and dissociation really work on a subconscious level, and specifically how to tackle them like a laser without wasting time on irrelevant stuff. This experience comes straight from my students and sessions and calls I do every day as well as personal experience, so it’s the most realistic, specific and straight to the point information you can find out there. I promise you, it’s no bullshit, no fixing symptoms, no beating around the bush, etc. – I’ll tell you what’s the real problem and what’s the real solution.

I’m unique in what I do. I’m not here to be your average guru. Get the ebook now and after so much average information and years hearing the same shit over and over again, you’ll love feeling a breeze of fresh air of high-quality and specific information. Directly from your subconscious.


Here are some normal every day feedback I hear from my followers and records from the DRIVEN students that have DONE the work and FOLLOWED the process 100 percent:

  • decades of anxiety and dissociation gone in a few hours of specific work with me
  • my method works where acceptance, distraction, grounding, meditation, mindfulness, talk therapy, psychoanalysis, CBT and mental techniques and ‘intellectual’ therapies, medicines, changing diets, training, etc. don’t help
  • my followers and students constantly report that they learn more about themselves and can help themselves from my 100 percent free content (youtube videos mostly) more than most most gurus paid courses and years of talk therapy. Go and verify for yourself


This ebook is not for you if you keep obsessing on symptoms and are not willing to shift mindset. It’s not for you if you keep talking about symptoms and problems instead of doing the work. It’s 100 percent not for you if you have a victim mindset (that is you secretly love to confirm why things don’t work and why you are complex/ unique/ unfixable/ different) and keep complaining and have a desperate mindset instead of just doing the work.

I’m going to be devastatingly direct and incisive like a laser so if you break easily and take it personally that tells me that your ego is your priority, not your family, loved ones and goals and if that’s the case do NOT buy the ebook because it’s not for you because you will give me excuses and I’m not here for people that make up excuses.

So if that’s you just close the page I don’t want you to buy my stuff and I wish you the best of luck with your ego and ways. Also, this is not for you if anxiety and dissociation come from a medical, neurological, psychiatric condition. In that case, I cannot help you as well as I could had this been a mental and emotional condition only.

This is for driven and smart people that are open to change their ways, who have goals and ambitions but feel blocked by these mental and emotional issues (for now), who are not scared to face themselves and who love to learn, who are ready to stop all the bs they’ve been telling themselves, and love being challenged and evolve. This is for people who are ready to hear what they need to know not what they want to hear. This is for people who love being challenged and don’t have time to waste in excuses, victimhood, etc. like most people out there do who, unfortunately, will never get better.

If that’s you we understand each other. I know what’s out there. I know all the bs and reductive advice that most gurus give you. I know. So do yourself a favor. Go get the ebook now. I respect your time and money and I’m here to give you the best and I promise you will not find this information anywhere else. You know I’m not scared to tell you how things are. This ebook is the real deal. Get the ebook and you won’t regret it.


Here’s why you should buy this ebook now and the golden information you will learn that you will not find anywhere else, and why the investment is well worth your money and time.

YOU’LL LEARN HOW YOU’VE PUT YOURSELF IN THIS SITUATION & HOW YOU’RE CREATING THE SYMPTOMS. I will do this by teaching you the engineering of your mind. How much would you pay just to know exactly what mistakes you’re making and to have a sharp sense of direction and focus on what to do? Think about that for a moment and how much that is important for you and the people you love. So instead of feeling lost and that you don’t know what you’re doing or what mistakes you’re making, you will know precisely what is the direction and focus here. Where now is dark and uncertain, that will be replaced with confidence, focus and direction. Imagine this confidence, clarity and serenity now before you get the ebook and you make it your new reality, and how important it is and what impact it will make in your life

YOU’LL KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO & WHAT NOT TO DO. This is much more than just anxiety and dissociation and fixing problems and symptoms, this is about understanding yourself on a whole new level, so not only can you solve these problems, but you strengthen whatever part of your being was hurt or feels unsafe that made your subconscious creates these protections and symptoms in the first place. I’m going to teach you how to stop pausing your future and relationships simply because you don’t know how to get out of this vicious cycle and dark tunnel.

YOU’LL HAVE PRACTICAL FRAMEWORKS TO UNDERSTAND YOURSELF IN. I’m not going to give you techniques to cope, tricks, shortcuts and then a few months down the line you’re back to square one. What’s the point of fixing a symptom or feeling when that’s not even the real problem and then months and years later you’re back to square one? There’s no point in giving you random and scattered techniques and tips if the entire direction and path you’re in is wrong. Instead I’m going to give you something much more long-term, solid and permanent: I’m going to give you a crystal-clear direction, solid infrastructure and sharp focus to understand and help yourself with, and to recontextualize the symptoms and your situation and challenges in, so you can feel confident and serene. Instead of solving the details of the ‘problem’, why don’t you undo the very foundation of the problem so there’s no problem to solve in the first place? Be smart. Be strategic. Undo the subconscious foundation of the problem instead of fixing the emotional content and details in the perceived conscious problem

YOU’LL UNDERSTAND WHAT IS THE REAL PROBLEM & REAL SOLUTION. I love to be strategic, which is the art of finding the smartest and most effective way to do and solve things using the least amount of thinking and resources. I’m going to teach you about subconscious portals, emotional engines, factors reshuffling, obsessive hooks and much more so you can use these tools to help yourself not ‘get out’ of this situation, but undoing the pillars of the situation itself, so instead of fixing the problem, you undo the very foundation of the problem so there’s no problem to fix in the first place. For example did you know that the way you are fixing and thinking about the symptoms is precisely how you’ve created the symptoms? So instead of unconsciously perpetuating your situation and symptoms, you will undo their very foundation so there’s nothing to fix in the first place. The elegance and structure of analytic thinking meets the nonlinearity and subtlety of emotional intelligence

WHAT YOU WILL GET – You’ll get 167 pages of super distilled, specific, practical knowledge with plenty of examples on how to finally solve anxiety and dissociation, all very easy to read. The ebook has been structured in a very strategic and effective way so that within the first read you will remember pretty much everything you’ve learned. So not only is the ebook’s content already super condensed, the infrastructure and teaching method in which it’s been designed is also optimized to help you learn and remember information at the speed of light. This is literally the fastest and most effective way on Earth to solve this. Mind Engineering is packed with super specific knowledge stripped of any bullshit, mysticism, ignorance, guesses, nice theories that don’t do anything in practice, oversimplistic “just accept it” advice, nice words of reassurance and hyperactive sentimentalism “everything is going to be ok” that makes you feel good in the moment but doesn’t change anything in practice.

HOW IT WORKS – You make the payment, you’ll be redirected to the download page where you will be able to download your ebook and all of this great stuff will come true because you’ll do the work and because you’ll change and overcome whatever you need to change and overcome in yourself to make this a reality. The process works. The specific information is here. Unless you want to follow your ego and do this on your own, or you want to keep talking about symptoms instead of solving the real problem, you have everything need here and it’s just a decision away.

HOW MUCH IT COSTS – So for the price of a few coffees, you will learn how to be in the right direction to finally solve this anxiety, dissociation, obsessions, etc. and thus save you tremendous amount of money, time, suffering and frustration and literally save you YEARS of your life and precious time you can spend enjoying the people you love and building your future and doing the things that really matter. Great deal right? All this wealth, for 9 euros. Yep. For now. Get your copy before I change my mind! 😜



If you have any problem with payment, download, etc. I want you to email me at [email protected] and we’ll resolve it.