Let’s go beyond dissociation – How to become the master of your EMOTIONS

Okay let’s go beyond dissociation for a moment.. 🤔

Let’s go at the why these emotional and mental problems start in the first place..

❌ It’s not those panic attacks from smoking weed
❌ it’s not traumas
❌ it’s not break-ups or divorces
❌ it’s not stress
❌ it’s not all those causes that you’re pretty familiar with by now

Instead, it’s about:

✅ how YOU deal with your emotions in the MOMENT

✅ how much YOU can sustain emotions in the MOMENT without resorting to protections

So take responsibility. In a way or another, you have created and contributed to this whole thing. As long as you keep saying “dissociation happened and im just the victim” nothing is gonna change
So let me help you with this as feeling emotions and sensitivity are something i have many talents in (perhaps because am i Pisces? ♓ haha), and very experienced at

Below you find free high quality videos packed with substance and depth (not shallow advice) that have all to do with EMOTIONS — how to feel emotions, how and why we dont want to feel emotions, how to heal dissociation by feeling emotions, how we protect emotions,

how we edit emotions, all the problems that happen when we dont feel emotions including anxiety and dissociation and stress, and how to go beyond dissociation and stop focusing on problems and become the master of your emotions

Know someone that might find these resources useful, or is going through the same as you? Share these posts and videos with people that might need them and help them out too 🥰

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist