Let go of symptom fixing, stop focusing on logical garbage & solve the real problem – dpdr expert

So many people focus and obsess over symptoms. It’s incredible. They focus on logical garbage and symptom fixing that has nothing do with the real problem.

They don’t realize

• they’ve been living their whole life feeling unsafe

• mistaking authentic self-esteem for people pleasing

• wanting to go back to their “old self and normal” not realizing that normal they idealize is precisely what got them here and it’s not the solution but the #1 problem

• mistaking love with pleasing and outdated and distorted ways to get their needs met and survive

• they get anxious of the symptoms not realizing that kind of response is how they created the symptom in the first place

• they obsess over the logical content of thoughts unaware of the emotion

• they reassure or accept the symptom not realizing that has nothing to do with the real problem

• formulating conscious logical intellectual existential questions, theories and abstract mental things not realizing that has nothing to do with the real emotions that is generating the question and is trying to be reassured

Bottom line: you need to learn from an expert. To keep an open mind and be challenged.

So many things that you think is ‘normal’ is the very foundation of the problem.

All this obsessive self-fixing is the very foundation of the problem.

ANY attempt at trying “stop, not do, convince myself, prove, remember, not remember” of all of the above or its opposite, is again the very foundation of the problem.

You will not escape this mental cage no matter how hard logically creatively you try, because that would be perpetuating it.

You need to give up this mental war and any war at trying to give up the mental war, because all of that is logical garbage that again has nothing to do with the REAL EMOTIONAL SUBCONSCIOUS problem.

Let go of symptom fixing.
Work with an expert that really gets you.
Give 100% percent and love to be challenged.
Solve the real problem.
Move on your life and conquer your goals.
That’s it.

Anything else is prolonging suffering and problems that you can and will be solved quickly and efficiently with the right help in a matter of hours and a few sessions.

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