Intrusive Thoughts Depersonalization – You Will NOT Win The War In Your Head & You Are WRONG [RARE]

The average person spends most of their day fixing and obsessing on perceived or real problems, thoughts and symptoms that have absolutely nothing to do with reality. The average person (that, paradoxically, thinks they are very unique, smart and logical) has a very distorted view on what is the real problem, and what is the real solution, therefore there’s no point in giving you tips and tricks if you are in the completely wrong direction.

They think the problem is the EMOTIONAL DETAILS of intrusive thoughts, and the solution is OBSESSING over them and fighting and fixing them. Completely wrong direction. Today you will finally learn what is the real problem and the real solution. You will elevate yourself above most people who unfortunately will never get better (sad to admit I know, but it’s a FACT) because they are too stubborn and really think they will win that self-created war in their head, and are too busy swallowing in their ego and obsessing on symptoms instead of learning from an expert that has done this process hundreds of times and knows their mind better than they know it themselves. Learn, be proactive and apply. To your success!

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To Your Success!
– Giuseppe Tavella, Anxiety & Dissociation Expert