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Everyone feels stress, anxiety, negative emotions. But for some people, it’s not just a fleeting feeling, it is a 24/7 condition that affects every level of their existence, from how they wake up, sleep, connect with people, work, focus, etc. every area of their life is affected by these unresolved, repetitive, often chronic emotions. On top of that, dissociation is another ‘disorder’ that accompanies and can follow stress and anxiety, which results in the temporary or chronic inability to feel oneself, the environment, and includes emotional, physical and cognitive symptoms like brain fog, unreality, blurry vision, obsessions, existential thoughts, memory disconnection and much more. Historically, dissociation has been very understated, misdiagnosed and misunderstood by doctors and by mental health professionals at large, whose approach and solutions fall within these categories: (a) don’t understand what it is or that it even exists (b) prescribe medicines and give oversimplistic advice like acceptance, meditation, grounding (c) solutions are ineffective and very slow like talk therapy. Unfortunately this is not a theory, these statements are vastly shared by those who live with these situations and who have been looking for solutions for years sometimes decades. So there’s a real problem which is how the person feels that they find hard to even describe, and there’s little education or oversimplistic solutions that fix symptoms instead of the real problem. The challenge: how does one educate people who have been struggling with these emotions and conditions for decades and have tried everything under the sun, who have tried the help of experts like doctors and already educated themselves with highly respected people in academia, a problem where knowing more does not solve the problem in that it’s an emotional subconscious subjective experience where not only logic doesn’t solve anything, but only complicates it? The challenge was immense. There were some people out there doing this work, but no one before had attempted to explain these subconscious mechanisms to the general public in simple ways, or their content was very theoretical, oversimplistic or simply copied and pasted from another source. The challenge was both in explaining what was unexplainable, and most importantly, solve it

The solution I’ve structured has tackled the problem on 2 main fronts: (A) mainly through highly educational videos, people could finally understand these subconscious mental mechanisms, how their mind works, why they are stuck where they are stuck, and explaining advanced concepts and solutions that were not available, hardly accessible or only learned after years of mistakes, to the general public. After just a few videos, it was not uncommon to have people with years of research and studies, share how this content was changing their life so quickly, in that very precise and straight to the point. But most importantly, focused on the real subconscious problem not symptoms. This was mostly the front-end, the content, education (B) Another side of the solution was the actual solution, that is, when a person would come to me, how do you actually solve that anxiety, trauma, mental block, dissociation, negative emotion etc. By applying advanced coaching and hypnosis knowledge and techniques, often people could get amazing breakthroughs in a few hours of work, through online sessions that is.

Therefore, with the highly educational content, plus the actual solution, plus the testimonials and success stories, a positive loop was put in place, which gave not only inspiration but new perspectives and eventually a new life to the people that would get in touch with the content and the solution.

Most of the people I’ve worked with have gotten what are considered, compared to traditional ways, incredible results. Some people had been struggling with such mental health ‘problems’ for 5, 10, 20, 30, 40+ years, in a few hours of focused work they were able to set the foundation for a new life. Most of them were very educated and intelligent people, with plenty of experience applying different solutions and methods, but nothing was offering permanent relief, or was just solving symptoms that would eventually come back. Now they are more free to have the relationships they wish, to be more present mums, more confident dads, more focused entrepreneurs, more productive workers, feeling better, earning more, enjoying more and feeling more connected to life. Along the way, thanks to this profound education and results, a movement was created, an industry was innovated; hundreds of people, families and generations now live a better life.


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