If you’ve always wanted to know if you are on the right track as far as anxiety and dissociation recovery, this is a MUST read

This is what I’ve observed in my career intensely studying the mind for the last 10 years, healing, understanding and helping myself and people

What I’ve found out is that people that really get results and breakthroughs from their “mental and emotional problems” are the most educated, aware, honest, realistic with themselves, and more in touch with their subconscious

The “speed of recovery” depends on the speed of how quickly you can spot the bs and stories you tell yourself, as well as resolving the subconscious stuff that’s causing the symptoms in the first place

After years training my intuition I can quickly see the “recovery trajectory” of a person within minutes by asking specific questions

John constantly talks about and obsesses over symptoms. He truly believes symptom is the problem, that you need to do what the obsessions say for you to feel happy and safe, that you need to fight anxiety and get it under control.

He’s stuck in that mindset, focus and won’t let it go. He is in denial, unaware and obsessive. He thinks he’s confident, you ask him what the problem is and immediately goes the symptom the symptom, is unaware and denies his real feelings. He doesn’t admit or is unaware he has a ‘problem’, yet you find him constantly obsessing over symptoms

Mary talks about how she really feels, that if she’s not perfect people won’t like her, that she can’t be herself fully otherwise people will abandon her, that she was hurt deeply and this makes her feel anxious and disconnected from her body

because going in her body and being connected to her emotions means being yourself and real which the subconscious associates with pain, being yelled at, bullied, not accepted, not enough, hurt, rejected, abandoned etc. and doesn’t want to have the same experience again

Can you FEEL that difference in language? In awareness? In how they feel? How much more nuanced Mary’s experience is?

John is all obsessive and in his head. Unless he does something it will take him a loooooong time to really get better. Him and people like him are the ones in the first stages of recovery, they struggle the most, make sooo much effort, and yet they’re not getting anywhere

Mary has much more subconscious connections, insights and feelings and she has a much more thorough understanding of the conscious symptom and subconscious emotions and how they connected. She and people like her are the ones that on the right path, make consistent progress over time, and looking back 6 months at a time they feel they’ve made real progress

What stage are you in?

If you are the John of the situation that’s a serious problem you need to get out of there quickly before you start to have serious mental breakdowns, illnesses etc. and you start to have much more serious issues that can take many specialists and experts to solve and soooo much money time and wasted opportunities and a life wasted

So instead of a mental and emotional problem your body and brain can become so weak and exhausted that you start to have serious chronic stress, diseases, lower immune system, infections etc. and all kinds of stuff that you’re exposed to that your body can get and develop quickly simply because it’s soo weak and can’t take it anymore. If you want to keep being John that’s the future that awaits you

Unless a few ego gains are better than a calm and connected life (you never know until you point it out), there’s really no point figuring this out on your own.

Use my work and knowledge to become more like Mary