Every day I talk to new people who live with dpdr. Some of these people are very motivated to overcome it, some are ok putting up with it for another year and just ‘coping’ , and some just want… “the tips”

To this latter group of people, when I ask them if they need my help, they tell me something like “no I don’t need your help, just give me the tips” or “I don’t want to talk to you. Just tell me the technique you use”

“Just give me the tips” or “give me the technique” as if I truly had some magic tips, secrets and techniques that I use in my therapy to help people be free depersonalization and similar issues! 😂

Honestly, if this is you, let me tell you how things are: The bad news is that this mindset will lead you nowhere. 100 PERCENT GUARANTEED.

Why? Because you are relying on external pieces of information, on a piece of paper, on a technique that is going to change next month and that’s going to be replaced by another fancier technique. Basically you are relying on everything but you

But if you want the secret, I’ll give it to you, and here it is: My secret is YOUR motivation

Without your motivation, nothing happens, and the good news is that you have 100 percent control over that

Tips definitely help and I can guide you and give you all my experience, but YOU have to be the one taking responsibility and wanting to change

So let me tell you this and let’s be 100 percent clear:

YOU have to change
YOU have to face those emotions and memories that you’ve buried
YOU have to take full responsibility
YOU have to be decisive in what you want
YOU have to want to change now and not next year

This is your life, I just cant do that for you. 😌

There you are, these are “the secret tips”

Without these basics, there’s no therapist and expert in the world that can save you

And although we all intuitively know this, deep down we secretly hang to the hope that there MUST be a secret cure, pill, information, technique that is going to save you

But even if there was such a thing, it wouldnt last long and it would be what i call a “fragile improvement” because you have not changed as a person

And so what happens over time? That things remain the same and issues keep showing up

It’s so simple isn’t it? Yet people forget it all the time!

So from now on whenever you see or hear people that just want “the tips”, the technique, the method, and you sense that they’re very focused on external things other than themselves,

tell them that the change starts with themselves – and not with a piece of paper, an interesting technique with a fancy name, some pieces of information, some theories, and all these external variables

To your success, the true success that starts from within 😊

And if you want to change and you’re ready, the next step you can take is to book a Discovery call with me here

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