I know a lot but cant help myself – will I ever get out of this? It’s a constant battle in my head!

“I know a lot about mental health but I can’t seem to help myself” “I understand everything yet I can’t seem to have a breakthrough I feel the same if not more confused”.

Clearly knowing more, understanding, reading and researching more more does NOT mean more progress, breakthroughs, feeling better, new life. Often the opposite, it makes you even more confused. What are you telling me a bigger library doesn’t mean a freer and more successful life!?

Learn from the go-to expert that knows your mind better than anyone else on the planet and wants you to be successful and have a breakthrough not filling your head with more intellectual shit. Here’s how to create a breakthrough in your life and relationships by focusing on what REALLY matters (it’s not what you think yet so tremendously simple) and ignoring all the bs, oversimplifications and theories you find out there and be smart spare yourself the frustration trying to figure this out on your own by learning from the best.

I believe this industry is fucked up because most people focus on knowledge just for the sake of knowledge not to create a breakthrough. Let’s innovate this rotten thinking.

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