I have low self-esteem. How do I become more confident? Are you even sure that’s the problem..

First off, are you sure you have a “low self-esteem problem?”

This is the thing sometimes we think we have a “low self-esteem problem” when the real problem is the lack of direction and precise steps, what I call “logistical knowledge”.

You don’t know what to do, what direction to take, how to move forward and you’re guessing and are unsure what you’re doing and doubting it. This creates the “low self-esteem” feeling.

Then to explain it we attach a story to it – the reason why I can’t do this is because this thing that happened 10 years ago if I could just resolve that, the reason why I have low self-esteem is this specific thing etc.

Then we try to fix that the story and what happens? Not only are you wasting fixing a made up story, you are still stuck in whatever you’re trying to accomplish.

Moral is. You might not have a self-esteem problem your real problem is..