I feel that with dpdr it’s hard to improve because it feels like you got brain damage — what do i do?

❓ YOUR QUESTION: “There’s one thing about depersonalization and derealization is that it feels like you got brain damage,

it’s that irritating it feels like it’s impossible to make a change and idk from where you even begin to make the recovery, yes you must be tired of it and must want change but then what’s the next step.”

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✅ MY ANSWER: “it feels like you got brain damage”.. where did you take this fear from? when looked at objectively, you just need one person to have a fear,

and then all the other anxious/fearful people listening to this person unconsciously absorb that fear like a sponge (because of the anxious state they’re in),

and bang you’ve just created a psychological pandemic of people believing they have the same fear and they even call it “my” fear. (funny isnt it)

So in this answer you find the first step to recovery; remove yourself from environments/groups/forums/people whatever it is that feeds fears and anxieties and doubts,

stop excuses, stop justifications, stop creating in your mind excuses why you cant improve and being focused on “I can’t because [insert explanation]”,

stop re-creating the problem as a way to receive attention/empathy/feel unique/be at the center of attention/etc., stop any form of looking for validation.

Find and follow people who are results and solutions-oriented not just in dpdr recovery but in your life too. Thats the first step and thats why i’ve created this channel and why i do the work that i do. I have plenty of videos about this and much more.

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist