We have such a strong bias towards the negative..

We think that having a harsh voice that tells us hurtful things is ok and we need to listen to it and explore it

But at the same time we feel uncomfortable if we were to appreciate, compliment and uplift ourselves

So we want to remove the negative but we dont the positive either 😅

Start replacing:

✅ “you are failure” with “you did your best, im proud of you”

✅ “you are not pretty enough” with “wow you’re so sexy today”

✅ “what if people discover who you truly are” with “they’ll have to adapt”

✅ “what if you dont get this perfect” with “what if you shut up and let me do my work”

And if you tell me that when you say these positive things to yourself deep down you dont believe it.. then why the hell do you believe the negative ones??? 😂

It’s your choice! Raise your head and refuse to make negative the normal

It’s your choice not something that your mind does ‘to’ you

To your success 

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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