People message me pretty much every day asking me if i can give them some ‘tips’ to recover from dpdr and dissociation

Then i ask them if overcoming dpdr and dissociation is the number 1 priority in their life and in their goals, and some of them answer “no i just need to cope” or “no i just need some tips” or “no im just looking for the expert’s opinion” or something like that

To these people i want to say..

So if it’s not a priority for you to get better as a person, why should it be a priority for me to give you tips that you’re not going to apply? 😂

And you know what i do? I simply leave the conversation there because i know this person is not willing to apply the things im going to say

For you to have massive breakthroughs in your life, you have to make overcoming dpdr and dissociation the absolute number 1 PRIORITY — not an hobby or trying to ‘cope’ or hunting for ‘tips’

Let me tell you this so we are crystal-clear: There’s no tip or secret technique that is going to make up for an average mindset 🤯

YOU are the cure. How?

You have to want to improve so much so to the point that you are willing to do ANYTHING to get better

But not in words, everyone is good in words. You have to speak with FACTS

And one way you can overcome dpdr and dissociation with FACTS is to stop postponing and having the excuse that “life always gets in the way” and to make room in your life for your healing and personal improvement

There you go, this is one of the ‘secrets’ you’re looking for!

So if you are expecting to hear these magic words from an expert that are going to cure you.. forget about that.. thats not going to do to anything unless you are willing to do whatever it takes

There’s no luck, hope, secret, magic that is going to make you better. You have to make your personal improvement a PRIORITY, and thats the first secret

– Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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