How To Overcome Fears.. By Stopping Trying To Overcome Them & Giving Up Control [DISSOCIATION SPECIALIST]

This is what most people do: They wait for months and years for that moment when finally their mind gives them the permission to live their life

..that moment when those fears will disappear and will be overcome

People have this illusion and hope that there’s an undefined moment in the unknown future where fears will magically disappear

But let me give you a reality check.. Do you know when that moment will come? NEVER!! 😧

If you notice the pattern, you’re living in DEFENSE and you’re being PASSIVE waiting for life to happen and waiting for this and that to happen before you improve

But it doesnt matter how happy you are, how sad you are, how successful, unsuccessful you are.. the mind will ALWAYS find a way to remind you of what might go wrong in the form of fears

So let me tell you this simple truth that has changed my life: You do NOT need to overcome fears to live and succeed in your life 😅

Why? Because there’s no such moment where fears will “be overcome”

There’s always going to be that seed of fear no matter what you do and no matter where you’re at in life

So no, you dont need to:

– overcome fears to live your life
– explore the past and overcome and heal every single hurt that people did on you
– waiting for fears to give you permission to live your life
– waiting for fears to go away before you feel happy

So what do you need to do instead?

You need to learn that those fears can stay as long as they want,

but if you feel they’re not accurate in the present moment, you can keep taking action and moving forward in your life

and here’s the good news.. WITH those fears still in the back of your mind!!

In laymans terms: YOU DONT HAVE TO BE PERFECT and you dont have to remove every single negative internal thing and have control on every single part of yourself and control and change and fight every single negative thought for you to be happy and successful

The moment when you truly ‘overcome’ fears is when you stop controlling them!

Trying to control and fight fears and thoughts in an attempt to remove them doesnt really work.. what REALLY works is taking action DESPITE them and whatever they say!

So I can just move forward in my life, achieve goals, have great relationships and be successful EVEN when the mind insists that

“people might hurt you” or “did you see what happened in the past? be careful” and holding these thoughts in the background

(i do this dozens of times every single day in every area of my life)

It doesnt matter how much healing and personal improvement you do, fears will ALWAYS be there to remind you “what if this happens” and “be careful” and “people might hurt you” and stuff like this

So if the mind always protects you and it’s its #1 job, whats the point of going against it?

Expecting that “fears will completely go away first, and then i can move forward” is a surreal expectation and honestly you’re being passive

I dont wait for my mind to give me permission, or for the fears to go away and “be overcome”, or for past hurts to be healed 100 percent, or for this or for that.. because thats never going to happen anyway

I go and attack whether my mind gives me permission or not.

I go and attack even when those scary thoughts and past hurts remind me that “people might hurt you” or “people are going to treat you like in the past”, and it’s ok, this is part of being an imperfect (but real) human

So this is what i do step by step:

1) I listen to what my mind says

2) i assess what it’s trying to say to me (hint: it’s always protection and avoiding pain in the form of “be careful” or “remember what happened in the past?”)

3) i redirect the focus from the mind to the present moment where i am with my body, the circumstance i am in now, the person i am and the life i have now

4) i thank my mind for reminding me of the past or anything bad that might happen

5)  if my mind insists that i have to protected but i know it’s not accurate, i LEAVE those unfinished incomplete fragmented thoughts fade in the background WHILE i keep on moving forward

So go and attack. Show your mind that it can present to you 1000 fears, but you tell it that the past is not the present and that you’re ok now.

Show your mind who’s the boss. Show your mind that you are the leader.

If you feel you can do this on your own great. 😃

But if you feel you want guidance from someone who has already done it and can help you speed up the process, then contact me and im going to give you the next steps to take to overcome dissociation, fears, overthinking and become the master of your mind, emotions and thoughts, enjoy life and have great relationships!

To do this, book a discovery call here

To your success,
Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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