How To Overcome DPDR Naturally – Why You Have SETBACKS & Stop Creating An Intellectual Soup!

Many experts talk about what progress and recovery feel like. But how easy it is to get sidetracked by the mind endless thoughts, fears and anxieties and with some habits that seem to be so ingrained? 😏

No matter how much you know what progress and recovery feel like, there are many ways in which you can get distracted, sidetracked and get back to square one without even realizing it.

So I figured that, given that you can find plenty of information out there on how progress and recovery look like, I would tackle this from a unique angle and tell you what progress is NOT so that by knowing what it is not, indirectly you make progress (counter-intuitive I know, but very effective). 🤔

For example starting from the assumption that progress and success means that you have to “get rid of” anxiety and dissociation and you have to make sure you “keep them away”, isn’t it funny to see how that is the same fear you were trying to get rid of, just in a different and more complicated form?

You are trying to fight anxiety with anxiety, detaching from dissociation, being scared of fear, predicting anxiety, etc. and you think you’re making progress, but you just need one small trigger to bring down this fragile intellectual castle of sand. The way you are fighting the ‘problem’ is just a more complicated form of the problem itself.

Fighting for progress, trying so hard, trying “not to” to slip back into old patterns, keeping negative emotions away, etc. I’m sure you get the point: You have not solved the real problem, you have just covered it up and keeping it away with more intellectual, fear and self-conviction layers so you don’t see it and keep it out of awareness. You have not grown, you are just delaying the inevitable. 😯

More often than than not, that wasn’t real progress to begin with, so don’t be surprised if you get back to square one! Learn what progress is not so you can make more progress. Be strategic: Don’t just focus on the symptoms like most people, master your mind and emotions and solve the real problem.

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