How To Overcome DPDR Naturally: WHY & WHEN Acceptance, Distraction & Grounding Do NOT Work [UNIQUE]

How many times have you been told that all you need to do to get rid of anxiety and dpdr, is to just allow and accept it, or to distract yourself from the feelings and symptoms, or to just learn how to ground yourself and trying to be present? 🤔

There are so many gurus out there oversimplifying anxiety recovery in the form of “it’s just anxiety” or “distract yourself and it will pass” or “just allow and accept it”.

They think that anxiety is just a physical phenomenon and you just have to relax your body, allow and accept it, or completely distract yourself from it, and hopefully it will pass. 😅

This strategy does work well for some people who for example have had a bad smoking experience or whose dpdr and anxiety started after a panic attack.

But there’s another group of people who do have an history of traumas, sad and sometimes horrible childhoods, emotionally neglectful and abusive parents, dysfunctional relationships, limiting themselves when it comes to feeling and expressing their emotions.

Although many gurus like to think the opposite in order to make things simpler both for themselves and for you – the reality is that the ‘breed’ of anxiety that comes from smoking weed or after a panic attack, is not the same as the breed of anxiety that comes from these deeper emotional issues. 👌

So let me tell you: if you are in the second group of people, your anxiety and dpdr highly likely run much deeper than what meets the eye and it’s not as simple as just allowing and accepting it.

I’m very aware of this lack of deep information in the anxiety and dpdr domain, and that’s precisely why I’m here doing what I do. Sit back and watch.

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