How To Overcome DPDR Naturally By Becoming A Master Of Your EMOTIONS – DPDR SPECIALIST

There are many gurus talking about how to overcome dpdr with acceptance, distraction, body and muscle relaxation techniques – and that’s good when dpdr is “more physical” than mental and emotional,

when it’s accumulated stress in your body and that’s it, when it’s more of a defense mechanism that gets triggered after, say, a bad smoking/drug experience (and that’s it, end of the story) rather than a progressive unconscious self-created condition of detachment. 😮

No one talks about how we internally create dissociation with thinking layers, advanced distractions, sophisticated explanations, past replaying, extra reactions, making enemies with our emotions and all these unconscious mechanisms, creating an emotional mess and losing ourselves along the way.

The situation in this domain is that dpdr is either an oversimplistic condition where it’s just a matter of relaxing your body or distract yourself from it or accept it, or an academical advanced concept where everything makes sense in theory but then you have no idea what to do in your life. 😐

There’s pretty much no one explaining dpdr it in simple every day language and how YOU are creating and contributing to this condition – rather than something that is happening ON you and then you just have to live with it. That’s precisely why I’m here. 😁

Watch this video and learn how to overcome dpdr naturally by “mastering your emotions”. But don’t just watch and hope that there’s a secret information that I’m going to give you that will magically change everything; you need to apply this consistently in your life to see improvements.

Here’s the link to download the pdf of the explanation

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