The thing is this: It’s not a specific technique, method or piece of information that is going to give you the change that you want in your life

People get obsessed over techniques and pieces of information and they forget the MOST important thing: Becoming stronger as a PERSON

Look, I don’t care if it’s called cognitive therapy, dialectical therapy, mindfulness, mindset trick, tibetan meditation, etc.

There are so many therapy and healing methods and information out there, that you can literally spend your entire life learning about them, and never feeling the PERSON you want to be and feel

I don’t really care about names or how techniques are called or if it’s the latest theory on the mind

invented by a psychologist sat in their office in Seattle or if they have a degree in “advanced [insert something psychological] level 3”

People get obsessed over techniques and they forget the MOST important thing: Becoming stronger as a PERSON

(the techniques can come later)

People think that a technique, method, tool, strategy or a piece of information (aka “the secret”) can save them and they desperately seek new information

If this is you, I get your desperation to overcome dpdr and dissociation, but this is not the way to go. STOP ✋

Let me tell you this: First and foremost, it’s about pulling out that inner fire, that powerful motivation to get better, that “I’ve had enough!!” attitude

It’s about you as a person – not out-there techniques, theories and information that fix bits and pieces in you but dont empower you as a person

So even before telling you what to do to get rid of this nagging dpdr and dissociation, im going to tell you precisely what NOT to do:

Let go of the “let me google if there’s a pill or the secret cure for dpdr just one last time..” mindset!

And here’s two things you can do:

– Focus on pulling out that inner fire and motivation to get better. Why are you doing this change? For yourself, your kids, partner, family, friends? Why are you doing it? Why not stay where you are? When is enough truly enough?

– Realize that qualities such as strong motivation to get better, taking full responsibility and being committed are way more powerful than all the techniques put together

The techniques can come later. First you.

To your success, Giuseppe

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