How To Overcome Dissociation Naturally: WHY & WHEN Acceptance Does NOT Work [RARE INFORMATION]

In this video I’m going to do the opposite of what most anxiety/ dissociation/ stress/ trauma experts do:
I’m going to explain you precisely why and when acceptance just doesn’t work and it’s not enough to heal you on a deep level. 😯

I’m aware of how much so many gurus in this domain of dpdr/dissociation and anxiety oversimplify healing and personal improvement by telling you to just allow the feelings and symptoms, just accept them, just sit with them, just using this technique to relax your body, just live your life as normal as possible, etc.

Now here’s a dose of reality: Some people “just allow and accept” their feelings and symptoms and they’re fine.

Some people keep “accepting” for months and years on end and nothing changes on a fundamental level. 😅

If that’s you, I understand and I’m here for you. In this video I’m going to show you that these experts are wrong and not you, and what they don’t know that they’re not teaching you.

What’s the point of accepting your anxiety if that’s not even the real problem?

Watch this video to access this rare information about how you work on an unconscious level that most anxiety and dpdr experts are not even aware of.
Don’t follow the crowd. Be different.

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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