How To Overcome Dissociation Naturally: Stop TEASING DPDR Even When It’s Going Away! DPDR SPECIALIST

Most people think that dpdr just happens to you.

It’s more comfortable to admit “dpdr happens to me” instead of admitting that, at least on some level, you are teasing it, contributing to it, re-creating it when it’s going away, obsessing over it, invoking it for protection, addicted to it.

Again, YOU not dpdr. Any form of interest, curiosity, addiction, obsessing, attachment, resistance in negative and “trying to figure it out” is a form of YOU contributing to dpdr.

As a matter of fact trying to figure out dpdr is part of dpdr itself.

Another mechanism we use in our mind is to fight negative thoughts and feelings so as to prove to yourself that you are stronger than them, that you are a “good” person – which stems from the assumption that fighting them is going to make you feel complete or prove to yourself that you are not a bad person.
Well, it’s these kinds of unconscious mechanisms that keep dpdr going and how YOU are unconsciously creating and contributing to dpdr. 🤷‍♀️

Don’t let your mind control you. Watch this video and learn how to be its master.

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