How To Overcome Dissociation Naturally: HOW To DOMINATE Fears! [Cure Dissociation Naturally]

The mind has an advanced mechanism whose final goal is to make people believe that thoughts are important and need to be explored.

The mechanism is this: The mind PAUSES thoughts and keeps REPEATING them until it EXTRACTS the feeling out of them. 😏

So now that you have the feeling plus the thoughts, it’s much easier to believe in both! This mechanism might seem so simple and innocent, but right now millions of people are suffering in silence because instead of being like “hey, that’s the mind in action, no need to take it personally or react” they believe those thoughts and feelings and consider them as true —

when in reality it’s just advanced artillery that the mind deploys to make things look real internally and communicate the importance of the ‘danger’ to avoid 😌

My higher goal with these videos and my work is to create a future where human beings are finally free from the grips of the mind and know how to discern “real reality” (present moment & freedom) from “mental reality” (the protective self-built cage). To your freedom!

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