How To Overcome Dissociation Naturally: How MIND is FOOLING YOU [Cure Dissociation Naturally] UNIQUE

The mind is a master of illusion.

One of the illusions it creates is that it makes you believe that you need to predict, think hard and deeply and have the so called ‘control’ and ‘answers’ in life. 🤷‍♂️

If you struggle with overthinking, existential rumination and being up in your head, this video is going to explain PRECISELY what your mind is doing to fool you:

Projecting the real problem onto a random target and making you believe that if you control that target you have the feeling of control that you were looking for. 😅

Now, the problem is that the mind constantly changes target and the illusion of control reveals itself for what it truly is: A beautiful illusion that looks real.

Now, this is not intended to scare you; This is intended to make you FREE. So, to your freedom!

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