How To Overcome Dissociation Naturally: FEEL Without KNOWING! [Cure Dissociation Naturally]

“Why should I feel sad? Why should I feel angry? There’s no reason for me to feel angry/ sad/ hurt/ ashamed, etc.!” 🤷‍♂️

Does any of that sound familiar? What you’re doing here is that you’re dodging your authentic emotions because “they don’t make sense” or “it’s not who i am” or “there’s no reason for me to feel this” 🤨

No wonder why you feel disconnected from your emotions!

The goal of this video is to teach you what NOT to do so that you can feel more connected with your real emotions and get to know the more primitive, tender and spontaneous part of you. If you’re looking for how to cure dissociation naturally, this video is for you. Enjoy!

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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