How To Overcome Dissociation Naturally: CONTROL Negative Inner Voice – Cure Dissociation Naturally

How do you control that negative inner voice that criticizes you, tells you you are not good enough, smart enough, you should be perfect, and that lowers your self-esteem?

How do you get rid of it? Well you don’t get rid of it. 😯

Neither fighting nor controlling nor ignoring it works.

You have to understand what this inner voice REALLY wants to say and what its TRUE intentions are.

When you know this, you’re going to stop both fearing and exploring this voice and the negative thoughts it creates and you’re going to have more peace of mind, be more confident, get more things done and live your life feeling more yourself. 😉

This is what I’m going to teach you in today’s video.

Giuseppe Tavella, Dpdr & Dissociation Specialist

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