How To Overcome Dissociation Naturally: BE Ready To Die NOW! [Cure Dissociation Naturally]

Foreseeing and scanning for dangers, extracting the meaning out of situations and

trying to decode people’s intentions so that you are one step ahead before they hurt/abandon/reject you, escaping from the present moment to control the next moment of experience —

regardless of what you’re overthinking about and trying to control, the mind overthinks shit because it’s how it keeps us alive. The problem is that overthinking and thoughts themselves kill us slowly anyway. 😅

So when you face the fear of death head-on and you set the bold intention that “I’d rather by killed by this unknown danger/information that I’ve stopped overthinking about than overthinking about it for years” the mind immediately calms down.

Your survival does not depend on you knowing the meaning of everything; it depends on you adapting whether you know the meaning or not. To your freedom!

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