How To Overcome Depersonalization By Understanding How The Mental Health Industry TRULY Works

“I know all there is to know about depersonalization and derealization. I’ve read dozens of articles and posts, watched countless videos and read books on the topic.

Yet I’m still here and nothing has significantly changed. Why am I not seeing results? Why am I still stuck with dpdr?”

“People fall into this delusion of believing that more knowledge, theories, reading more and “being more aware“ of how the problem works is the key to overcoming dpdr and get back to their old self.

More often than not, this intellectual stimulation of understanding concepts and theories, doesn’t really solve anything in practice and over time becomes more of a distraction.

Understandably, people living with dpdr and dissociation follow psychologists and therapists advice. After all, they are the ones meant to know this stuff right?

But, being myself a therapist, let me tell you one hidden truth of this industry: When we don’t know how to cure a specific problem, what we do is that we try to mask our inability by explaining more theories, using complicated academical language, we make you talk about your feelings for hours..

What these therapists and psycholosists are TRULY thinking in the back of their mind is: “I dont know how to practically solve your problem. So let’s hope that by talking about your feelings something comes up..”

Basically you solve nothing but “at least” you know more and you “become more aware” – but is that what you truly want? Or do you want to SOLVE dpdr once and for all?

You have to understand that most psychologists and therapists come from the academical world and they are very often theories-oriented, methods-oriented, problems-oriented — not solutions-oriented. So instead of putting you first, they put their knowledge and theories and what they learned in academia first.

It doesnt seem right does it? But, whether you like it or not, this is the current situation in the mental health industry. So make sure that you’re choosing a therapist or a professional that is solutions-oriented and talks about solutions — not theories — and put you and your needs and unique goals first — not their methods.

I’ve chosen this path, and I can help you with that”

Contact me to learn more how i can help you overcome dpdr, get back to your old self, and live your life feeling joy and feeling connected to the people around that love you, and you love them 😃

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